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Boar’s Head Festival, Bernardsville, NJ

January 7, 2011
By Turpin Real Estate

Twelfth Night Boar’s Head Festival at Bernardsville UMC on Sunday

Even if your tree is down and all the decorations are put away, there’s still a little bit of Christmas left this holiday season.  A lively tradition to mark the official end of Christmas will be celebrated this Sunday, January 9th at the Bernardsville United Methodist Church.  This free event is a unique take on the 12 Days of Christmas as it might have been celebrated during the 17th century’s Elizabethan times.  The United Methodist Church is located at 22 Church Street, and the festivities begin at 4PM.

The 60-member cast and choir is comprised of parishioners, volunteers and staff from the church, many of whom will be dressed in authentic Elizabethan or biblical costumes.  Music, dancing, shepherds, a Magi processional and even plum pudding and wassail are planned to commemorate the Epiphany, which marks the 12th day of Christmas on the Christian calendar.  All ages are invited to experience this unique celebration.

The “Boar’s Head Feast” traces its roots back to Oxford, England in the 14th century.  According to legend, a Queen’s College scholar at Oxford University defended himself against a wild boar by choking it with his school books.  To celebrate his victory, the student returned with the boar’s head, which was garnished with an apple in its mouth.

People celebrated with food, drink and a traditional yuletide carol, “In Honour of the King of Bliss,” which became attached to the celebration.  The boar’s head legend has since been adapted by different cultures and churches through the centuries.  Sometimes a hog’s head is used, and foods like plum pudding and mincemeat pie are associated with the occasion.  Burning a Yule log is another symbol of the Christmas season often seen during this celebration.

The Bernardsville United Methodist Church is located off Route 202 near Bernards High School.  Celebrations like the 12th Night add to the abundant heritage and charm of the area.  From its bustling downtown to its storied estates, there truly are housing options for everyone in Bernardsville, whether you seek a carefree condominium or a lavish luxury dwelling.  Learn more about Bernardsville homes for sale by visiting Turpin’s office at 163 Morristown Road.

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